Kickstart Your Experience with Copilot in Microsoft Teams Meetings

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Kickstart Your Experience with Copilot in Microsoft Teams Meetings

During a meeting

Incorporate Copilot into Teams meetings to efficiently summarize crucial discussion points, track contributions and differing viewpoints, and propose actionable tasks, all dynamically as the meeting unfolds.


Transcription is required to activate Copilot during a meeting, unless the meeting organizer turns on Copilot without transcription. Bonus_see at the end of the article

Copilot is not functional in meetings hosted outside of the participant's organization.

Catch up on what you missed

Should you enter a recorded or transcribed meeting five minutes late or more, a prompt offering, and a summary will appear. To access this, choose 'Open Copilot' from the meeting controls at the top of your meeting window. The summary will then be displayed on the right-hand side of the window.

Have a more effective meeting

Engage as a collaborative thinker by utilizing these prompts in the Copilot composition area adjacent to your meeting window:

  • Where do we have disagreements on this topic?

  • How did [a meeting participant] react to this proposal?

  • What questions can help progress the meeting?

  • What are the weaknesses in [a meeting participant's] argument?

  • Make a table of the ideas discussed, including their advantages and disadvantages.

You can also select More prompts below the Copilot compose box and choose from the following:

  • Recap the meeting so far.

  • List action items.

  • Suggest follow-up questions.

  • Identify unresolved questions.

  • Outline different perspectives by topic.

  • Summarize the main issues discussed.

  • Create meeting notes.

Wrap up a meeting with clear next steps

Copilot is designed to send a prompt shortly before a meeting's scheduled conclusion, aiding participants in finalizing their discussion. By selecting 'Open Copilot,' users can view a summary of the main discussion points and determine the subsequent actions, including tasks delegated to particular individuals. Additionally, participants can utilize Copilot to inquire about any outstanding issues or agenda items that remain unaddressed or pose any other pertinent questions that could assist in comprehending the meeting's conclusion.

After a meeting

Copilot in Teams meetings will also be available once the meeting ends in the Recap tab.

Use Copilot without recording a Teams meeting

For those who prefer not to record or transcribe confidential meetings in Teams, you can still engage with Copilot by setting it to "without transcription" in your Meeting options.

Upon joining a meeting, you can select Copilot on the right side of the meeting view to access it. Copilot can generate notes and list tasks, among other functions. However, your interactions with Copilot are not visible to other participants in the meeting.

Please be aware that after the meeting concludes, Copilot will not be accessible in the meeting's Recap tab.

If there’s content that you’d like to save from your conversation with Copilot, copy and paste it in another place before the meeting ends.

Should transcription or recording be activated during a meeting, Copilot will remain accessible, and the dialogue exchanged with Copilot from that point forward will be documented in the meeting's Recap tab.

How to set up Copilot without transcription

As the meeting organizer,

  1. navigate to your Teams Calendar and

  2. choose the desired meeting.

  3. Click on 'Options,' then 'More options.'

  4. Scroll to find 'Copilot' and set it to 'Without transcription' using the dropdown menu.

    If this option is not visible, please contact your IT administrator. Remember to save your changes.


Microsoft Teams' Copilot feature revolutionizes meeting experiences by offering dynamic assistance for summarizing discussions, tracking contributions, and suggesting actionable tasks. Whether catching up on missed meetings, seeking to enhance meeting effectiveness, or aiming to wrap up with clear next steps, Copilot is a powerful tool to ensure productivity and clarity. Moreover, its flexibility in functioning with or without transcription accommodates various confidentiality needs, making it a versatile asset for any Teams meeting. Embracing Copilot in your Teams meetings can significantly streamline workflows and facilitate more meaningful, efficient, and organized discussions.